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Acai Fruit

  • acaibottleAcai is best known as the king of antioxidants. Acai is also a great way to reduce the bad cholesterol that is known to linger around the body. If you're looking to increase energy or provide yourself with more radiant skin and hair, Acai is the berry for you.

Ginseng Root

  • Ginseng was originally used by the Chinese as an energy tonic and has picked up steam since. IT is the main ingredient in most natural energy products and is said to provide less of a "crash" than a cup of coffee on average, depending on the person.

Cocoa Seeds

  • In recent years cocoa seed has been associated with things such as elevation in mood, controlling appetite, and also burning fat. The most recent studies have shown cocoa flavonols to impact blood vessel function and even reduce blood clotting.

Green Tea Extract

  • Green Tea has been used for decades in the medical profession worldwide. We all know there are two ways to lose weight, you either have to decrease energy input or increase energy expenditure.


  • Raspberries are loaded with vitamins, anti-oxidants and fiber. The key ingredient for weight loss in raspberries is manganese, which helps keeps your metabolic rate high. Raspberries are also great for your immune system, as they are rich in vitamin C.

White Willow Bark

  • White willow bark is best known for its ability to relieve pain and inflammation. Some of the main ingredients in aspirin are derived from white willow bark, just in a less condensed from which makes it better for people with weak stomachs.



History of the Acai Berry

acaiberrytreesGrowing abundantly throughout the Amazon, the acai palm tree has provided food for hundreds of years to the people of Brazil. Brazilians are known for their very active and healthy lifestyles, so the acai palm provides them with a fruit that helps to energize them and keep them fit. Resembling a grape, this round, dark fruit grew in popularity in the early 1970's and 80's among many athletes, like surfers and soccer players. The acai berries can be blended into smoothies, dried and put into granola bars, or just eaten plain, which made this versatile fruit easy to consume for those that are on the go. Over the years researchers began discovering that this little berry had a big nutritional impact to the body by providing vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, and minerals. Because of its large quantities of antioxidants, the acai berry has recently been named one of the top "superfoods".

The Acai tree is also found in Panama and Trinidad where the famed fruit grows in fat bunches like bananas, and each tree can grow up to eight bunches. Since it is surrounded by very little pulp, it does require large amounts of the berries to be harvested for products like juice. Because of the acai berry benefits to health and weight loss, many manufactures are using just the extract from the fruit to make diet pills and vitamin supplements. Used every day by many, this fruit has encouraged some in the United States, mostly in Florida, to begin their own production of the acai trees. The effects of these trees however, will not be readily seen in the market anytime soon since it takes the tree about 10 to 12 years to actually produce its first bunch of fruit.

Amazingly, the acai berry's popularity is not only helping keep countless people healthy and in shape, but it is also a positive force for saving the rainforest. Until recently, the demand from the fruit was limited to the regions it was native to. However, now that the rest of the world has discovered its powerful benefits, the local farmers must work day and night to meet the demand. More and more rainforest is being designated for acai production, and the local economy is booming. When you buy an acai product from a company who works closely with the local farmers , you can feel good that you are doing your part to save this endangered land.

From its introduction into the general population, the acai berry has made itself known mostly in the health food industry, but as more research is being done, the fruit is making its way into pharmaceutical science companies. Although it can be harvested on a regular basis, the popularity of the fruit has caused many producers to restrict the amount that they put into the products. This is why 100% pure acai juice will be a bit more expensive than the normal juices you will find in your grocery store. However, when you try the real thing you will be sure to notice a significant difference.



Acai Berry Benefits

  • Weight loss - One of the most desirable benefits of Acai Berry supplements weight loss.
  • Increases Energy - Our active lifestyles leave us drained of energy. Many of us don't get enough sleep, and we walk around all day like zombies. This creates serious long-term medical conditions. Thankfully, Acai Berry helps improve your overall energy. You can rest better, and wake up more refreshed in the morning
  • Improves Blood Flow - Poor circulation can lead to numerous medical conditions (clotting, balding, and heart issues.) Acai Berry supplements work to improve your blood flow, thus staving off many serious ailments. Improved circulation makes you feel better and live longer.
  • Healthier Skin - The berry contains many unique properties that work to make your skin look and feel younger.
  • Stronger Heart - Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death. From lack of exercise to poor dietary habits, our hearts endure a lot of stress. Acai Berry supplements give your heart the nutrients it needs to work properly.
  • Better Concentration - Another of the seemingly endless benefits of Acai Berry is the improved mental clarity it produces. In a way, this goes back to the circulation benefits. With better blood flow, your brain is able to operate more efficiently.
  • Reduced Cholesterol - When you think of lowering your cholesterol, you probably recall images of eating healthy foods that taste terrible. Acai Berry supplements save you the trouble of eating tasteless oats. This berry will lower your cholesterol significantly over time.
  • Detoxifies Body - Acai Berry contains several antioxidants that work to eliminate harmful substances from your body. Throughout our life, our body absorbs many damaging substances. Acai Berry works to eradicate them, and to make your immune system stronger than ever before.
  • Enhances Sexual Performance - Do I really need to explain why this is beneficial?



How does it work?

Acai contains chemicals that are antioxidants. Antioxidants are thought to protect body cells from the damaging effects of chemical reactions with oxygen (oxidation). According to some research, acai has more antioxidant content than cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, or blueberries.



Side Effects?

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, it's best to stay on the safe side and avoid use.



Scientific Studies

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